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Sidologie – C64 as Jarre!

Do you like the music of the Commodore 64, and/or Jean Michel Jarre? Well, this may be for you!

Evoking classic JARRE using C64 music remakes, Project Sidologie is a Kickstarter by C64 composer Marcel Donné. It aims to be a 6 CD box set at its completion, and also offers stems and samples for musicians. The mind blowing artwork is by artist Trevor Storey.


The campaign is already on stretch goals, and it has recently been announced that C64 legends Matt Gray and Allister Brimble will contribute to the 6th album if the funding level is reached. There are lots of interesting rewards on offer including a vinyl option, t-shirts, and art book!

Project Sidologie ends on the 14th May, and can be found at

(Twitter @C64audio and Facebook

05_0615_waiting for SID