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Video: Commodore 64 Vs. Arcade – Part 6

In this sixth episode of Commodore 64 Vs. Arcade we look at 10 more great coin-op conversions for the world’s best selling home computer!

Games featured in this episode:

00:14 Bank Panic (Sega/Midway)
01:21 Boulder Dash (Data East)
02:38 Gyruss (Konami)
03:49 Super Off-Road (Leland Corp.)
04:55 Rainbow Islands (Taito)
06:06 Rampage (Bally/Midway)
07:18 Turbo OutRun (Sega)
08:30 U.N. Squadron (Capcom)
09:40 Yie Ar Kung Fu (Konami)
10:46 Zaxxon (Sega)