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Video: Atari Lynx Accessories

A review of a wide range of accessories available for the Atari Lynx handheld games console.

High Voltage SID Collection Update 67

Die wohl bekannteste und exzessivste gepflegte Sammlung an SID’s, die High Voltage SID Collection, erreichte kürzlich Update #67. Das Komplettpaket umfasst 49542 SID Tunes.

Änderungen für Update 67 wie folgt:

# 600 new SIDs
# 139 fixed/better rips
# 1 repeats/bad rips eliminated
# 313 SID credit fixes
# 299 SID model/clock infos
# 4 tunes from /DEMOS/UNKNOWN/ identified
# 21 tunes from /GAMES/ identified
# 16 tunes moved out of /DEMOS/ to their composers‘ directories
# 16 tunes moved out of /GAMES/ to their composers‘ directories

ZX Spectrum Spiel: The Dungeon of Bhalgora (2017)

The Dungeon of Bhalgora ist ein Textadventure für den ZX Spectrum von pottyboy.

Aus dem Inhalt:

You play as Aldor, a Fraek from the planet Aaluthia. The colossal whale shark goddess Bhalgora has sentenced you to spend the rest of eternity inside her dungeon (located inside her own heart). Your crime? falling in love. However, after 10,000 years, she has decided to give you a chance to regain your freedom! Can you escape her dungeon and reclaim your freedom?

Video: Super Mario Bros. Recreated as Life Size Augmented Reality Game

Super Mario Bros meets Augmented Reality in this crazy life sized first person experience!

Video: Tetris Printer Algorithm

By rotating, positioning and dropping a predetermined sequence of pieces, the Tetris Printer Algorithm exploits the mechanics of Tetris to generate arbitrary bitmap images.