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Video: RETURN GAMESCOM 2017 – Vorschau 1

Video: Atari Lynx Vs. Arcade – Part 2

In this second episode of Atari Lynx Vs. Arcade Laird’s Lair compares games from the advanced 16-bit Atari Lynx handheld against their coin-op counterparts.

Games Listing:

00:14 Block Out (Technos)
01:22 Dyna Blaster (Irem)
02:37 Elvira and the Party Monsters (Bally/Midway)
03:51 NFL Football (Atari)
05:07 Lemmings (Data East)
06:15 Pac-Land (Namco)
07:26 Pit-Fighter (Atari)
08:42 Raiden (Fabtek)
09:51 RoadBlasters (Atari)
11:02 Super Asteroids (Atari)

Video: Amazing Atari 8-bit Art – Part 2

This video features 100 more amazing pieces of pixel art from the Atari 8-bit range of computers. The POKEY music used in this video comes from the following games: Grand Prix Simulator, H3x0r, Jet Set Willy, Lemmings, The Last V8 and Mindblast.