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Musik am Abend: ST-0mp! by Dascon

Musik am Abend: ST-0mp! by Dascon. 100% Amiga Protracker!

Video: Gamescom 2017 – Der VD-Stand entsteht

Am Messemontag ist aufbauen angesagt. Virtual Dimensions zeigen Euch, wie ihr Messestand in der Retro-Arena entsteht und geben eine kleine Standtour. Besuch ist in Halle 10.2 gerne gesehen!

Video: Apple’s Forgotten Video Game Console! – The Story Of The Apple Pippin

In 1996 Apple created a gaming and multimedia platform called Pippin. Almost immediately, everyone forgot about it. This is the story of how Apple, a toy manufacturer, and a company best known in the US for making cars, all came together to create one the biggest failures in the history of console gaming. This is the story of the Apple & Bandai’s Pippin Game Console.

Video: Commodore Amiga Vs. Arcade – Part 17

In this seventeenth episode of Commodore Amiga Vs. Arcade Laird’s Lair looks at ten more classic coin-op conversions for the 16-bit powerhouse.

Games Listing:

00:14 Atomic Robokid (UPL)
01:17 Bionic Commando (Capcom)
02:26 Dig Dug (Namco)
03:39 Dragon Breed (Irem)
04:44 Dynamite Dux (Sega)
05:52 Indy Heat (Leland Corp.)
07:01 Parasol Stars (Taito)
08:18 Power Drift (Sega)
09:27 Real Ghost Busters (Data East)
10:42 Super Space Invaders (Taito)