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Musik am Abend: Amiga Remix – Best Of Vol. VII

00:00:00 Lotus III Theme – [EXON]
00:02:07 Lotus III – Miami Ice (daXX Remix) [daXX]
00:05:11 Woody’s World – Title [Instant Remedy]
00:09:14 Weird Dreams (2015 dark mix) [Isacco Garcia Peveri]
00:13:03 Apidya – Meadows Edge 1-3 [Dimitris]
00:18:00 Street Fighter 2 – Intro Remix [daXX]
00:21:08 MegaLoMania Title [Isacco Garcia Peveri]
00:25:57 Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge – Checkpoint (Track 4 RMX) [Mike Z.]
00:29:46 Hyperbased 2015 [X-Ceed]
00:35:37 Deluxe Galaga v2.4 [Patrulek]
00:43:20 Xenon (Xoldin‘ Out For A Xero Remix) [Binster]
00:48:02 Harlequin – The Clockworks – Electribe MX REMIX [Andrea Milana]
00:52:55 Giana Sisters Intro Remix [Mortalshock]
00:55:57 Lotus III – The Ultimate Challenge – Miami Ice (SyTeQ mix) [SyTeQ]
01:00:35 Cream of the Earth (vs. Romeo Knight) [CoLD SToRAGE]
01:05:16 Kid Gloves [ Castle ] The Toe-tapper’s Up-Mix [CoLD SToRAGE]
01:10:20 Test Drive II Remix [CZ Tunes]

Album: ART OF FIGHTING Soundtrack

Brave Wave Productions is pleased to present ART OF FIGHTING The Definitive Soundtrack in limited edition CD and vinyl formats. The release is the latest entry in Brave Wave’s industry-recognized Generation Series, which has seen the releases of the soundtracks to Street Fighter II, Shovel Knight, and the Ninja Gaiden series. ART OF FIGHTING The Definitive Soundtrack marks the beginning of a new partnership with SNK to restore and release classic soundtracks from the SNK NEOGEO catalog, which will include the ART OF FIGHTING 2 and THE PATH OF THE WARRIOR: ART OF FIGHTING 3 soundtracks among others. As always, the collection will include artwork pulled from SNKs digital archives as well as feature interviews with the sound creators. ART OF FIGHTING The Definitive Soundtrack can be pre-ordered now with expected shipments to begin in December 2017:

Retrolike PC-Game: I Am Overburdened

I Am Overburdened ist ein Roguelike-Spiel mit einem kleinen Twist und altbewährter klassischer Formel. Der Spieler übernimmt die Rolle eines Artefaktjägers, der ein erstaunlich großes Volumen an Items bei sich tragen kann und sich einen Dungeon nach dem anderen vornimmt umd mystische Artefakte zu sammeln und Antworten zu finden… in einer Welt… in der Magie längst vergessen ist!

Video: Osborne 1 Computer Restoration – Part 1

This episode is part 1 of a restoration project for an Osborne 1 portable CP/M computer. Music by Phillip Gross is part of the Creative Commons.

Video: Nostalgia Time Halloween Special with four C64 & Amiga games

Today is a Halloween Special Nostalgia Time with three Amiga games a c64 game. All have a spooky setting and mood to them. I play ‚Ghosts N Goblins‘ on both the C64 and Amiga, Pinball Dreams (Nightmare Table) Crazy Sue goes on and Ghouls N Ghosts.