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Video: Mystery Demoscene Theater 9000 s02e12

Livestream chat about the demoscene, hosted by ps/TPOLM. Guests in this episode: Saga Musix/Nuance, Lycan/LNX & lotek style/tSCc. Show starts at 33:30.

AMIGArama Episode 8: Worms

AMIGArama Episode 8: No sight of any lemmings as AMIGArama takes on a Worms problem but can Lorfarius come out on top on the battlefield?

Video: 5 Rare Obscure Video Game Systems

5 RARE OBSCURE VIDEO GAME SYSTEMS You’ve Never Heard About – Retro Raider These are some of the rarest video game systems, in the whole spectrum of the gaming scene. On this list, you will find a little bit of everything from, home consoles, retro computers, and handhelds.