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Video: The Super Mario Bros. Movie | Gaming Historian

The Super Mario Bros. MovieGaming Historian gives a history of the Super Mario Bros. Movie. It cost 48 million dollars to make, but only grossed 21 million. By most accounts, it was a disaster, from start to finish. Learn all about the making of the very first big budget video game movie.

Video: Nintendo NES Vs. Arcade – Part 2

In this series Laird’s Lair compares coin-op conversions for the ever-popular Nintendo Entertainment System against the far more illustrious arcade originals!

Games Listing:

00:14 720 Degrees (Atari)
01:27 Boulder Dash (Data East)
02:43 Gauntlet (Atari)
03:51 Gradius (Konami)
04:58 Karate Champ (Data East)
06:07 NARC (Williams)
07:15 Pac-Man (Namco/Midway)
08:28 Shanghai (Sunsoft/Tecmo)
09:37 Strider (Capcom)
10:48 Zippy Race (Irem)

Amiga ECS Spiel: Elfie – The Unicorn (WIP) (2018)

Elfie – The Unicorn… bald auf deinem Amiga!