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Video: Nintendo NES Vs. Arcade – Part 14

In this series Laird’s Lair compares coin-op conversions for the ever-popular Nintendo Entertainment System against the far more illustrious arcade originals!

Games Listing:

00:14 Cobra Command (Data East)
01:29 Dig Dug II (Namco)
02:33 Gun.Smoke (Capcom)
03:44 Mighty Bomb Jack (Tecmo)
04:51 Ninja Gaiden (Tecmo)
06:06 Pac-Mania (Namco/Atari Games)
07:14 Pipe Dream (Video System)
08:22 Rod-Land (Jaleco)
09:36 Splatter House (Namco)
10:45 Twin Eagle (Taito)