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Mitbegründer und -herausgeber von Magazin und Website. Und das, ohne das Label „Generation C64″ wie eine Monstranz vor sich her zu tragen. Mag es, über die Grenzen der Chips hinauszuschauen.

Musik am Abend: 16 Bit Lolitas ft. Lucy Iris – More Than Music

Musik am Abend: Chris Huelsbeck – Turrican II – The Great Bath (Remix)

Musik am Abend: Home – Resonance

Zur Feier des Tages ;-)

Musik am Abend: Last Ninja 2 Central Park Cover by KATOD

Musik am Abend: The Midnight – Nocturnal

Musik am Abend: Home – Hold

Musik am Abend: Timecop1983 – Nightfall

Musik am Abend: Timecop1983 – Cruise

Nach gut sieben (!) Jahren Pause erhält diese Rubrik nun von mir neuen Input. Viel Spaß beim Genießen!

Lecturers wanted: Digital Media, E-Commerce, Python/Java – teach Postgraduates in Berlin!

Some news from my University job – perhaps some of you are interested:

Our location of Fresenius University is looking for Guest Lecturers! As the Dean of Studies for the Masters Programme „Digital Management“ I´m always looking for new colleagues (m/f/d) on a freelance basis. This time I´m especially interested in colleagues for these seminars (beginning September 2019):

– Digital Media (quite tech-savvy people preferred ;-)
– E-Commerce (something for Managers, Startup Experts, Heads of E-commerce Departments, etc.)
– Python and/or Java

You need at least an approved Masters degree, but we prefer PhDs. 4 hours (Semesterwochenstunden) per week (Mo-Fr), for 14 weeks. All seminars are in English. We pay significantly above average! Feel free to contact me without any obligation via mail: stephan.humer @

(Before you ask for restrictions – yes, there are some: we cannot pay for your travel and we have no free teaching slots on Saturdays and Sundays. I´m sorry! But we offer probably the most beautiful teaching place in Berlin ;-)