Retro User Meeting AC 2012: April 14th & 15th at Congis-sur-Thérouanne

For all French users or people who need a travel inspiration: there will be a convention near Paris dealing with 8 and 16 bit computers on April 14th and 15th, the AC 2012. This kind of convention happens for 10 years now and is organized by the Retro-gaming Connexion (RGC). You´ll have all the fun stuff: competitions, shopping, meetings, software/hardware project presentations … So, be curious and visit their website – and perhaps you´ll make an online registration right away ;-)

Über Stephan Humer

Mitbegründer und -herausgeber von Magazin und Website. Und das, ohne das Label „Generation C64″ wie eine Monstranz vor sich her zu tragen. Mag es, über die Grenzen der Chips hinauszuschauen.