This might be interesting for some of you. It came to me via the excellent Media Archaeology mailing list/Facebook group:

„National Museum of Contemporary History, Ljubljana, Slovenia: GOTO 1982 – a comprehensive exhibition on the evolution of computers. You can see Enigma, the German cipher machine from the WW2, Zuse Z23 transistor computer from the sixties, IBM 1130 from the seventies, many home- and personal computers from the eighties etc. | Exhibition website (currently in Slovenian language only): | -5 minutes walkthrough video (made by a visitor, forget the sound):

(Thanks to Igor for this!)


Von Stephan Humer

Mitbegründer und -herausgeber von Magazin und Website. Und das, ohne das Label „Generation C64″ wie eine Monstranz vor sich her zu tragen. Mag es, über die Grenzen der Chips hinauszuschauen.