Remember the games The Last Ninja on the Commodore 64? Love the music?

Ninja Musicology is a Kickstarter by Norwegian rock/metal band Fastloaders. They aim to produce remakes of the music  from the C64 versions of The Last Ninja game series with real guitar, bass, drums and keyboards. There is also a live concert and concert Blu-Ray.

The triple CD set/download will include 34 tracks total. The Fastloaders are describing the project as a tribute to the musical genius of the original C64 composers Ben Daglish, Matt Gray, Anthony Lees, and Reyn Ouwehand.


The October live show is at the world famous Underworld Club in Camden, London, and if the Kickstarter succeeds a video will be made of the performance. Ben Daglish will be guest performing, with fellow Last Ninja C64 composer Matt Gray also in attendance.

The campaign is in its final week and ends on the 27th April.

More details can be found at,

(Twitter @C64audio / @fastloaders and Facebook


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