Veranstaltung: Demonights 002, 14.07.2017, Bern, Schweiz

32 years ago, Commodore introduced the Amiga computer to an admiring public. It’s hard to believe that new code productions would continue to be written for this computer (and not only from the demoscene) – and yet, the legacy continues to this day. We are therefore dedicating DEMONIGHTS 002 to the Amiga.

FRIDAY, JULY, 14th 2017


(1) A short introduction to the hardware and some history of the Commodore Amiga
(2) Amiga Demoshow of about 1h; Demos are shown on an FPGA-Amiga-Clone by the name of MIST.
(3) More Amiga Stuff :)

Between, before, and after these, there’s time to discuss, remember the glorious Amiga days (for those so fortunate to have experienced computing before Apple and Microsoft’s time), start new projects and have a drink together. Since our DEMONIGHTS 001 dedicated to Revision 2017, a lot has been going on in E-0010, the new co-creation space for digitial collaboration in Berne. We’lre looking forward to your visit and all the scene spirit you will bring in.

When: Friday, July, 14th 2017
Doors: Starting 19.00h until Midnight
Entrance: CHF 10.- to cover costs (please deposit in tip-jar)
Where? Effingerstrasse 10, Bern. Underground -2 – Ideally reachable by public transport, 5 minute walk from the main station in Bern; No parking on site: please use nearby designated city parking houses.

There will be a few drinks & snacks available on location, and a great selection of drinks at the Effinger Kaffeebar upstairs:

Please sign up and let us know you’re coming on our Facebook event page: ~ or by email to

See you soon, Echtzeit – Digitale Kultur & Effinger E-0010

Über Shahzad Sahaib

Sein Erstcomputer war ein Amiga 500 von Commodore. Besitzt aber noch zahlreiche weitere Retrorechner, Konsolen und Exotenhardware. Shahzad ist unter anderem Gründer der auf Handheld- und Konsolenhomebrew spezialisierten Seite PDRoms. Talentscout und Organizer in der Demoszene sowie Mitglied der Demogruppe Speckdrumm. Als Gründungsmitglied und Projektleiter der Spieleschmiede Retroguru unterstützt er aktiv die Produktion von Spielen auf alter Hardware mit weiteren kreativen Experten aus einschlägigem Kreise.