ZZap! 64 was the magazine that every 64 owner went to for honest, frank reviews of the games to buy for the system as well in-depth features and „cutting-edge“ humour from the likes of Gary Penn and Julian Rignall. The icing on the already calorie rich cake was Oliver Frey’s stunning covers, depicting aliens, space and military scenes and some ladies. Last year we ran a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of a ZZap! 64 Annual – the campaign was successful and the final product was very well received in the Commodore 64 scene and beyond.

So the ZZap! 64 team felt the need to get together this year once again to produce a follow up annual – and we have been working on its production for some months now with the aim of getting it out to you in September in readiness for Christmas 2019 – an annual 2020 for XMAS, just like the old days!


Von Shahzad Sahaib

Sein Erstcomputer war ein Amiga 500 von Commodore. Besitzt aber noch zahlreiche weitere Retrorechner, Konsolen und Exotenhardware. Shahzad ist unter anderem Gründer der auf Handheld- und Konsolenhomebrew spezialisierten Seite PDRoms. Talentscout und Organizer in der Demoszene sowie Mitglied der Demogruppe Speckdrumm. Als Gründungsmitglied und Projektleiter der Spieleschmiede Retroguru unterstützt er aktiv die Produktion von Spielen auf alter Hardware mit weiteren kreativen Experten aus einschlägigem Kreise.