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Rob Hubbard Kickstarter – Last Few Days!

The official Rob Hubbard Kickstarter has reached its final week. The campaign is now in stretch goal mode and heading for an exciting conclusion.

If the music of Rob Hubbard has ever made you happy then backing Project Hubbard is a great opportunity to say THANK YOU to the legendary composer!

You can pledge for the hardback book Rob Hubbard – The Official Reference, new SID and remix music, a Rob Hubbard game cartridge, and much more! The top goal is an 8bit music concert with the London Symphony Orchestra!

Dr Rob Hubbard is best known for his Commodore 64 SID work, but he also composed music for the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, PC, NES, Mega Drive/Genesis, Amiga, ST, 3DO and SNES. He is also an orchestrator, and prolific live performer. Rob is fully involved with the Kickstarter and getting back into the studio!

Here’s a message from Rob:

For more information visit the Kickstarter page: Project Hubbard

Also on Twitter @C64audio and

The Kickstarter organiser has also created a series of blogs about Rob and his music which can be found here:

Ninja Musicology C64 Live!

Earlier in the year Norwegian rock/metal band @Fastloaders successfully crowd-funded their album Ninja Musicology – a triple CD  containing guitar based covers of the original sound-track from the iconic Commodore 64 trilogy The Last Ninja.

Part of the Kickstarter campaign was a live performance to be recorded for Blu-Ray
release. The concert is being held on Saturday 15th October at the world famous
Underworld Club in Camden, London, UK.


In this one off show they will be playing a two hour set of tunes from the C64 Last Ninja
games, accompanied on some tracks by performances from the legendary original
composer Ben Daglish.

Doors open 6pm, and after the gig there is a meet and greet with the fans, Ben, and the equally legendary @MattGray.

Tickets can be purchased from (where you can also download a free @Fastloaders audio sampler) or via the venue – The Underworld.

Here are @Fastloaders in rehearsal for the gig:

Ninja costumes optional! Don’t forget your earplugs! Ninja ROCKS!

(Twitter @C64audio / @fastloaders and Facebook –
The Underworld, Camden –

Ninja Musicology – C64 as rock!

Remember the games The Last Ninja on the Commodore 64? Love the music?

Ninja Musicology is a Kickstarter by Norwegian rock/metal band Fastloaders. They aim to produce remakes of the music  from the C64 versions of The Last Ninja game series with real guitar, bass, drums and keyboards. There is also a live concert and concert Blu-Ray.

The triple CD set/download will include 34 tracks total. The Fastloaders are describing the project as a tribute to the musical genius of the original C64 composers Ben Daglish, Matt Gray, Anthony Lees, and Reyn Ouwehand.


The October live show is at the world famous Underworld Club in Camden, London, and if the Kickstarter succeeds a video will be made of the performance. Ben Daglish will be guest performing, with fellow Last Ninja C64 composer Matt Gray also in attendance.

The campaign is in its final week and ends on the 27th April.

More details can be found at,

(Twitter @C64audio / @fastloaders and Facebook


Sidologie – C64 as Jarre!

Do you like the music of the Commodore 64, and/or Jean Michel Jarre? Well, this may be for you!

Evoking classic JARRE using C64 music remakes, Project Sidologie is a Kickstarter by C64 composer Marcel Donné. It aims to be a 6 CD box set at its completion, and also offers stems and samples for musicians. The mind blowing artwork is by artist Trevor Storey.


The campaign is already on stretch goals, and it has recently been announced that C64 legends Matt Gray and Allister Brimble will contribute to the 6th album if the funding level is reached. There are lots of interesting rewards on offer including a vinyl option, t-shirts, and art book!

Project Sidologie ends on the 14th May, and can be found at

(Twitter @C64audio and Facebook

05_0615_waiting for SID


BIT Brighton! Live C64 Music Event! Kickstarter Success!

After a hugely successful Kickstarter funding campaign, the long running Back In Time Live Commodore 64 music concert will be held on June 20th, in the seaside city of Brighton, UK

The SIDtacular concert  will be hosted by legendary Commodore 64 composer Ben Daglish, and feature live sets from Press Play On Tape, SID80s, Fastloaders, David Dunn, and much more!

It’s also a chance to bump into some of your favourite Commodore 64 composers. People like Chris Huelsbeck, Ben Daglish, Adam Gilmore, Mel Croucher, Jon Hare, Matt Gray, Fred Gray, Simon Nicol, David Dunn, and Marcel Donne.

During the Kickstarter there were lots of interesting perks on offer, including exclusive new C64-inspired Matt Gray tracks, signed Rob Hubbard DVD’s, signed books, t-shirts, audio feed, bootleg video downloads, and ringside seats!

Tickets for the event can still be purchased on

The Kickstarter page can be found at and more info on and

1200x1200 graphic

BIT Brighton! Live Commodore 64 Music Event!

Do you like chipmusic? Especially that of the Commodore 64?

Well, this may be for you!

The long running Back In Time Live C64 music concert is back this year on June 20th!  Up for funding via a Kickstarter, the event will be held in the seaside city of Brighton, UK. The huge SIDtacular show will be hosted by legendary Commodore 64 composer Ben Daglish, and will feature live sets from Press Play On Tape, SID80s, Fastloaders, and much more!

commodore 64 pimped out for music making

It’s also a chance to bump into some of your favourite #C64 composers. People like Matt Gray (Last Ninja 2, Driller, Dominator), Fred Gray (Mutants, Breakthru, Frankie Goes To Hollywood), Simon Nicol (Crazy Comets, Mega Apocalypse), David Dunn (Flight Path 747, Finders Keepers, Gilligan’s Gold), Marcel Donne (Scorpion, Amyloid)

There are lots of interesting perks on offer, including exclusive new C64-inspired Matt Gray track, signed Rob Hubbard DVD’s, t-shirts, audio feed, bootleg video downloads, ringside seats, and much more! The Kickstarter is nearly 25% funded so grab them while you can!

The Kickstarter can be found at and more info on and

1024x768 banner with more photos

Go 8-Bit! at EGX, Earls Court!

If you are visiting EGX at Earls Court, London this week you are in for an 8-Bit treat!

Go 8-Bit! is a totally daft retro game playing show where comedians (and some of the audience!) battle on classic video games. It’s like Gamesmaster, with chilli sauce, and porridge smoothies, but no Patrick Moore.

Go Go 8-Bit Go!

For more info about EGX see

For more info about Go 8-Bit and McNeil and Pamphilon see and on Twitter @mcneilpamphilon

Jet Set Willy meets The Beatles!

Willy Meets the Beatles by Simon D Lee on the ZX Spectrum 128K!



Good Morning. Good Morning. Jet Set Willy Here,

Do You Want to Know a Secret? I am just a humble Paperback Writer. Yesterday, I was on a Day Tripper with Elanor Rigby, and it had been a Hard Day’s Night. While strolling along Abbey Road for a Day in the Life I noticed that a large ZX Spectrum was stuck to the side of the studio. Peeping From a Window I spotted  the „clean up this place now!“ eyes of my rather irate housekeeper. Girl! Her name was Lady Madonna, or was it Lucy? No, it was Maria!

Hello, Goodbye! I am again in a nightmare where giant skulls were trying to crush my top hat and entrails and I still cannot get past the blooming Banyan Tree? Your Mother Should Know. I feel like a Nowhere Man. I have to Pick Up Every Little Thing, Eight Days a Week!

Help! Don’t Let Me Down! We Can Work it Out!

I Should Have Known Better. Good Night!

Love JSW xx

Link via @freshbeep

Atari Guitar-eeeee!

gAtari – Atari 2600 chipmusic project by cTrix
@ Blip Festival Tokyo 2011