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Veranstaltung: 8 Pauli, 16.03.2018, Hamburg, Deutschland (Reminder)

Morgen steigt Hamburgs größter 8-Bit Event zum erneuten Male. Besucht 8 Pauli oder ihr verpasst Legoluft, Kid Knorke, Poly in Frames, The Mad Bitter, 2mbst1 (DJ-set) und Visuals von Visuals by: DiGlitch.

Veranstaltung: 8 Pauli, 16.03.2018, Hamburg, Deutschland

Hamburgs biggest 8-Bit event 8 Pauli is back. And we’re moving our Gameboys, synths, glitchy beamers and laserguns to the middle of the Schanze. For the first time, we will play in the Astra Stube and we’ll start at an appropriate time for underground electronic music: midnight. And because in the meantime the 8-Bit scene in this city has grown, we have a line-up that’s 100% from Hamburg.


A lego man on stage with lots of synths. The Hamburg based musician and producer Legoluft is experimenting since 2003 with circuit bending and DIY-techniques, which are used in different projects like the experimental electronic duo Monomal & Muttermahl and the KrachkistenOrchester von Tintin Patrone. His solo live-project Legoluft is a mix between circuit bended soundmanipulations and simple homekeyboardsounds with an 8-Bit Chiptune feeling.

Kid Knorke
With lofi-computersounds, synthesizers and samples, Kid Knorke tinkers his electropunkisch songs together. And he even sings to it. His songs are about zombienerds, water cannons and love for the numbers zero and one. His blinking and squeaking show is somewhere in between sesame street and pulp fiction, somewhat in between the tetris-soundtrack and electropunk.

Poly in Frames
Poly in Frames is a well-known artist at the 8 Pauli parties. He played for the most prominent clubs in Hamburg and made Remixes for 10 Meter Feldweg, Ladytron, Raketenkind, Salamandroids, Florian Filsinger and many many more. With his cult-like noises that sound like Gameboy, NES and childhood, he never fails to get in the hearts of his audience and to make them dance like never before.

The Mad Bitter
This Hamburg based artist who was born in Holland is the founder of 8 Pauli and a big fan of experimental music. He never settles for one style, but presents an eclectic mix of danceable Trap-tunes und undanceable weirdness.

2mbst1 (DJ-set)
From audience to artist. Nils Riedemann is a regular visitor of 8 Pauli and a newcomer in the Hamburg chiptune scene. This 8 Pauli he will play a DJ-set with his favorite Chiptune-music.

Visuals by: DiGlitch
DiGlitch is performing at 8 Pauli since the first party and is responsible for the visual support. Like always you can enjoy his spectacular, glitchy video-art.