Schlagwort-Archive: Amazon Tales

C64 Spiel: Amazon Tales (2019)

Amazon Tales (2019) by The New Dimension: You are Gemma, a highly trained vet, who is loved by a caring tribe. They have asked you to vaccinate a sick elephant. Unfortunately, the elephant was terrified, it stampeded out into the Amazon jungle. The tribe wasn’t very pleased. They send you on a dangerous quest, which is to retrieve the sick elephant, who is at the riverside at the other side of the jungle. As you venture into the jungle, you will be faced a series of nasty surprises. Luckily the jungle is full of stones, and you can throw these at the nasties to knock them out. Unfortunately however, the jungle is a very dangerous place. Boulders, spears and traps are indestructible. Collect idols for invincibility for a short time. Also pick up chests for extra lives (Unless 9 lives have been reached). Can you retrieve the elephant back to the tribe, or will death be your fate?