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Video: Battle of the Ports – Space Harrier – Updated (スペースハリアー)

The very first episode of Battle of the Ports was about Space Harrier. However in that very first Battle of the Ports show there was no commentary, no subtitles, ran at 30fps and worst of all only 13 ports covered. This remake of the video corrects those issues with the now expected voice-over, subtitles, 60fps video and 26 ports of Space Harrier!

Video: Battle of the Ports – Xain’d Sleena / Soldier of Light (ザインドスリーナ)

An obscure classic from Technos today. Known as Soldier of Light in Europe, this is Xain’d Sleena.

Video: Battle of the Ports – Exterminator (エクスタミネーター)

Exterminator by Deep Space is a really odd game.

Time Code:

00:22 – Arcade
02:57 – Atari ST
04:39 – Amiga
05:50 – Commodore 64
07:33 – ZX Spectrum
09:11 – Amstrad CPC
10:53 – MS Dos
12:23 – All versions side by side

Video: Battle of the Ports – Mr. Heli (ミスターヘリの大冒険)

Irem made many great shooters but one that people forget about is Mr. Heli. It’s also one of their toughest.

Time Code:

00:24 – Arcade
02:53 – Atari ST
05:12 – Amiga
06:18 – ZX Spectrum
07:48 – Amstrad CPC
09:46 – Commodore 64
12:00 – PC Engine
14:11 – All versions side by side

Video: Battle of the Ports – Donkey Kong (ドンキーコング)

Wie hat der Klassiker Donkey Kong auf welchem System ausgesehen? Retro Core zeigen es uns!