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Album: Heosphoros – Neither Moon Nor Star

Heosphoros is back with more sublime chiptune prog metal, his first solo EP in 10 years – Neither Moon Nor Star. Writing for the NES’s 2A03 and VRC6 sound chips, he commands a strong melodic style that often channels a darkness and tension not always associated with chiptune. With distinctive artwork from Keff and a use of atmospheric and authentic samples, this is an otherworldly chip metal odyssey to get lost in. Join the quest of a man looking to black out the skies and kill the concept of ‚dawn‘.

Freeze@ease 2018 Winterfeuer im KulturGarten, 08. Februar 2018, Nürnberg

Kalt aber herzlich – wir gehen in die fünfte Runde!

Berauschende Musik und knisterndes Lagerfeuer – getreu dem Motto „freeze@ease“ werden die letzten kalten Tage noch einmal zu schönen Erinnerungen bevor der Frühling vor der Tür steht. DJ Willi wartet mit elektrisierenden Sounds auf diejenigen, die sich auch bei kaltem Wetter die gute Laune nicht nehmen lassen!

Auch das Entertainment kommt bei unserem Open-Air-Event nicht zu kurz: Der Schwarze Strahler wird mit seiner Poi-Performance zu den wummernden Sounds des Chiptunes-Künstlers irq7 für Begeisterung sorgen. Dazu gibt es Leckeres vom Grill, Stockbrot, Marshmallows und heiße Getränke wie Hot Caipi oder Aperol – natürlich serviert vom KulturGarten-Team. Und das Beste: Das Alles könnt ihr unter freiem Himmel am Lagerfeuer genießen!

Rob Hubbard Kickstarter – Last Few Days!

The official Rob Hubbard Kickstarter has reached its final week. The campaign is now in stretch goal mode and heading for an exciting conclusion.

If the music of Rob Hubbard has ever made you happy then backing Project Hubbard is a great opportunity to say THANK YOU to the legendary composer!

You can pledge for the hardback book Rob Hubbard – The Official Reference, new SID and remix music, a Rob Hubbard game cartridge, and much more! The top goal is an 8bit music concert with the London Symphony Orchestra!

Dr Rob Hubbard is best known for his Commodore 64 SID work, but he also composed music for the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, PC, NES, Mega Drive/Genesis, Amiga, ST, 3DO and SNES. He is also an orchestrator, and prolific live performer. Rob is fully involved with the Kickstarter and getting back into the studio!

Here’s a message from Rob:

For more information visit the Kickstarter page: Project Hubbard

Also on Twitter @C64audio and

The Kickstarter organiser has also created a series of blogs about Rob and his music which can be found here: