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AMIGArama Episode 43: Rainbow Islands

AMIGArama Episode 43: We go somewhere over the Rainbow Islands, with bad puns galore!

AMIGArama Episode 42: Alien Breed

AMIGArama Episode 42: Lorfarius joins an elite team of mercenaries to take on the Alien Breed horde… but will AMIGArama survive this weeks encounter?

AMIGArama Episode 41: Sensible World of Soccer

AMIGArama Episode 41: Can we all be goal scoring, superstar, herooes? Lorfarius slips on his football boots to find out!

AMIGArama Episode 40: Zeewolf

AMIGArama Episode 40: Lorfarius clambers into the militaries high tech Zeewolf choppa but can he take out the terrorists and save the day?

AMIGArama Episode 39: Simon Phipps Interview

AMIGArama Episode 39: Lorfarius sits down with the legendary Simon Phipps to discuss his time in the games industry working at Core. As well as taking a look at the likes of Rick Dangerous, Monty Python’s Flying Circus and Dragonstone with many others in this interview special!

Video: Amiga CD32 – Meanwell PSU and Test

MsMadLemon schaut sich das erste Mal einen Amiga CD32 an!

Aus dem Inhalt:

My first time holding an Amiga CD32. I explore one in the „flesh“ for the first time and put together a PSU using the Meanwell RT-65B power supply, the same which I put together for my nice blue Amiga 1200.

AMIGArama Episode 38: Prince of Persia

AMIGArama Episode 38: Step back in history as Lorfarius takes on the evil Jaffar. Can he help the Prince save his beloved or will she be trapped in the tower to marry the Grand Vizier? Found out in this weeks AMIGArama…

AMIGArama Episode 37: Amiga CD32 Special

AMIGArama Episode 37: AMIGArama takes a deep dive into the CD32 this week, with a close look at the console, it’s history and the available games. Yes it’s the shows first system special!

AMIGArama Episode 36: Stunt Car Racer

AMIGArama Episode 36: Buckle up for the ride of Lorfarius‘ life as he clambers into the AMIGArama Stunt Car and takes on the death-defying tracks in this 3D stunt simulator!