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Ninja Musicology C64 Live!

Earlier in the year Norwegian rock/metal band @Fastloaders successfully crowd-funded their album Ninja Musicology – a triple CD  containing guitar based covers of the original sound-track from the iconic Commodore 64 trilogy The Last Ninja.

Part of the Kickstarter campaign was a live performance to be recorded for Blu-Ray
release. The concert is being held on Saturday 15th October at the world famous
Underworld Club in Camden, London, UK.


In this one off show they will be playing a two hour set of tunes from the C64 Last Ninja
games, accompanied on some tracks by performances from the legendary original
composer Ben Daglish.

Doors open 6pm, and after the gig there is a meet and greet with the fans, Ben, and the equally legendary @MattGray.

Tickets can be purchased from (where you can also download a free @Fastloaders audio sampler) or via the venue – The Underworld.

Here are @Fastloaders in rehearsal for the gig:

Ninja costumes optional! Don’t forget your earplugs! Ninja ROCKS!

(Twitter @C64audio / @fastloaders and Facebook –
The Underworld, Camden –

Last Ninja Deluxe Editions

There was a redesign of the CD inlays for The Last Ninja music CDs from Psytronik – they are now available as Deluxe editions with brand new printed inlays. The inlays are now double-sided, the track listings are featured both inside the inlay and on the back and the CDs now feature a cool „Ninja eyes“ design inside too. The makers also changed the Ninja eyes on each CD to a different colour to fit the colour scheme of each CD – this was inspired by the original loading screens for The Last Ninja which feature different coloured eyes for the Ninja depending on what level was loading. The Last Ninja Deluxe Edition CDs are now available individually or as a 4 CD set (which includes the One Man & His Mic Last Ninja podcast) here.

Last Ninja Music Collection
Last Ninja Music Collection