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Video: Writing NES Games! With Assembly

Take a stroll down the memory lane and dig into the internals of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) to figure out how it works.

Video: Super Mario Bros – Hidden Coins

Alle versteckten Münzen-Levels in Super Mario Bros. – Hättet ihr es gewusst?

Video: Rush’n Attack All Bosses

This video is a compilations of all the boss fights from the NES game Rush’n Attack. Rush’n Attack is a Run and Gun type of game released by Konami in 1985 for the arcades and ported to the NES in 1987.

Rob Hubbard Kickstarter – Last Few Days!

The official Rob Hubbard Kickstarter has reached its final week. The campaign is now in stretch goal mode and heading for an exciting conclusion.

If the music of Rob Hubbard has ever made you happy then backing Project Hubbard is a great opportunity to say THANK YOU to the legendary composer!

You can pledge for the hardback book Rob Hubbard – The Official Reference, new SID and remix music, a Rob Hubbard game cartridge, and much more! The top goal is an 8bit music concert with the London Symphony Orchestra!

Dr Rob Hubbard is best known for his Commodore 64 SID work, but he also composed music for the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, PC, NES, Mega Drive/Genesis, Amiga, ST, 3DO and SNES. He is also an orchestrator, and prolific live performer. Rob is fully involved with the Kickstarter and getting back into the studio!

Here’s a message from Rob:

For more information visit the Kickstarter page: Project Hubbard

Also on Twitter @C64audio and

The Kickstarter organiser has also created a series of blogs about Rob and his music which can be found here:

Video: NEUE SPIELE für NES – Nintendo Homebrew!

John Riggs zeigt uns etliche neue NES Spiele von denen es auch physische Versionen gibt!

Gezeigte Spiele:

* Log Jammers
* Starkeeper
* 0 to X
* Larry & the Long Look for a Lucious Lover
* Haunted: Halloween ’85
* Haunted: Halloween ’86
* The Legends of Owlia
* Tortoises
* Basic Championship Wrestling
* Super Russian Roulette
* Tailgate Party
* Mega Ran
* Sergio Elisondo
* Black Box Challenge

NES Spiel: Full Quiet (Kickstarter)

Full Quiet ist ein neues NES Spiel, welches man noch zirka 24 Stunden via Kickstarter unterstützen kann.

NES Demo: Mordsdicht (2017)

Mordsdicht ist eine kleine NES Demo von Nuance, Genesis Project & Oxyron. Präzisiert handelt es sich um eine kleine virtuelle Einladung für die Nordlich Demoparty, welche im Juli 2017 stattfindet.

NES Spiel: Eskimo Bob (Kickstarter) (2017)

Habt ihr schon Eskimo Bob von Tomas Guinan auf Kickstarter entdeckt? Wenn nein, sputet euch. Es sind nur noch neun Tage um das Projekt zu unterstützen und eine der heißbegehrten physischen Carts zu bekommen.


Video: VGBS Season 1 – NES Soundtrack Song 1 – Brinkerhoff

VGBS Gaming Podcast is going to Kickstarter in a couple of weeks and we are doing a playable NES game for the Season 1 menu! The soundtrack for Season 1 is completely done by Zi from Bleep Bop Records and remixed by Damian Yerrick to fit into this game. This first song is from Zi’s album Thornby and is called Brinkerhoff. You can check out the entire campaign at