Schlagwort-Archive: Part 2

Video: Nintendo NES Vs. Arcade – Part 2

In this series Laird’s Lair compares coin-op conversions for the ever-popular Nintendo Entertainment System against the far more illustrious arcade originals!

Games Listing:

00:14 720 Degrees (Atari)
01:27 Boulder Dash (Data East)
02:43 Gauntlet (Atari)
03:51 Gradius (Konami)
04:58 Karate Champ (Data East)
06:07 NARC (Williams)
07:15 Pac-Man (Namco/Midway)
08:28 Shanghai (Sunsoft/Tecmo)
09:37 Strider (Capcom)
10:48 Zippy Race (Irem)

Video: Battletoads (NES) – Part 2

Thomas Blaszkiewicz plays Battletoads.

Video: Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES) – Part 2

Thomas Blaszkiewicz plays Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Video: Build an Aros based Amiga computer from scrap parts – Part 2

This video shows three different Aros machines, one fully configured laptop and two PC’s built from machines donated and bits purchased to enhance them.

Video: Osborne 1 Computer Restoration – Part 2

This episode is part 2 of a restoration project for an Osborne 1 portable CP/M computer. Music by Phillip Gross is part of the Creative Commons.

Video: Atari Jaguar Vs. Sega Saturn – Part 2

Laird’s Lair compares games from the 64-bit Atari Jaguar console against their 32-bit Sega Saturn rivals! Games are either the same title or similar in style/genre for a fair comparison.

Games Listing:

00:14 Blue Lightning / After Burner II
01:38 Doom
02:55 Fever Pitch / FIFA ’96
04:11 Iron Soldier / Gun Griffon
05:25 NBA Jam: Tournament Edition
06:41 Pinball Fantasies / True Pinball
07:54 Primal Rage
09:08 Super Burnout / Hang On GP
10:25 Tetris
11:39 Theme Park

Video: Modern ZX Spectrum Games – Part 2

Denis Grachev zeigt uns ein paar ZX Spectrum Spiele der letzten Jahre… Teil 2


* StormFinch (2015)
* The Dark (1997-2016)
* Dead Flesh Boy (2014)
* Snake Escape (2016)
* Complica ZX (2015)
* Survivisection (2012)
* Vallation (2016)
* Karlos und Schätze der Azteken (2010)
* Tourmaline (2016)
* The Sword of Ianna (2017)

Video: Atari Lynx Vs. Arcade – Part 2

In this second episode of Atari Lynx Vs. Arcade Laird’s Lair compares games from the advanced 16-bit Atari Lynx handheld against their coin-op counterparts.

Games Listing:

00:14 Block Out (Technos)
01:22 Dyna Blaster (Irem)
02:37 Elvira and the Party Monsters (Bally/Midway)
03:51 NFL Football (Atari)
05:07 Lemmings (Data East)
06:15 Pac-Land (Namco)
07:26 Pit-Fighter (Atari)
08:42 Raiden (Fabtek)
09:51 RoadBlasters (Atari)
11:02 Super Asteroids (Atari)

Video: Atari 7800 ProSystem Vs. Arcade – Part 2

In this second episode of Atari 7800 ProSystem Vs. Arcade Laird’s Lair looks at ten more classic coin-op conversions for this classic 8-bit console, a system famed for its ports.

Games Listing:

00:14 Berzerk (Stern)
01:23 Centipede (Atari)
02:58 Defender (Williams)
03:42 Gorf (Midway)
04:57 Hat Trick (Bally Sente)
06:07 Ikari Warriors (SNK)
07:23 Mat Mania (Technos)
08:35 Ms. Pac-Man (Namco)
09:49 Q*bert (Gottlieb)
10:58 Rip-Off (Cinematronics)