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Retrolike PC-Game: Coromon (WIP)

Wenn Ihr Pokémon mögt, führt in Kürze kein Weg an Coromon vorbei!

Retrolike PC-Game: The Disguiser Of Fate (2019)

The Disguiser Of Fate by Windward_Birds and XNZONE is a classic JRPG game.

Drifting in an endless dead world for an unknown duration and an unknown mileage, a nameless knight in black armor sets foot on an island where time stops. Here, he finds a reputedly fate-changing mask. After putting on the mask, he is teleported to somewhere strange. It is a noisy city full of flowers and grass. All of this is like a dream for him plagued by vague memories. Here, he meets a slave maid named Air. Together, they embark on an unknown journey. During the journey, the nameless knight gradually recalls his past world and the reason why he comes here.

This is a world at the brink of destruction, but he comes from a destroyed world. Bearing the burden of changing the fate of this world and facing everything before him, especially the eminent destruction, what can he do, and what price will he pay?

The game currently costs 2,39€ via Steam.

Retrolike PC-Game: Alphaman (2019)

Alphaman is an action platformer made with nostalgic love from similar platformers of the past and present. Jump, shoot, and dash your way through various stages, gaining new powers and abilities along the way to stop the Red Bombers! If you love Megaman you will possibly like Alphaman too ;-)

The game costs 3.99€ on Steam.

Retrolike PC-Game: Beautiful Bricks (2019)

Ready Wolf haben kürzlich Ihr Spiel Beautiful Bricks veröffentlicht. Geworben wird bei diesem Breakout-Spiel mit astäthischen 8-Bit Grafiken – über diesen Punkt ließe sich jetzt wohl diskutieren, aber Grafik liegt ja auch oft im Auge des Betrachters.

Abgesehen davon werden wirklich etliche Features geboten, die man sonst nicht so oft sieht. Man kann mit seinem Paddle in die Luft-Springen, es gibt Multi-Player, Boss-Fighs, ein Volleyball-Minigame, über drei dutzend Power-Ups… gemessen an den Extras ist dieses Spiel hier wirklich sehr weit oben anzusiedeln. Auch die Ballphysik lässt sich nicht wirklich kritisieren. Fans dieses Genres sollten hier unbedacht zugreifen. Das Spiel kostet derzeit knapp 7 Euro.

Retrolike PC-Game: Jetboard Joust (WIP)

Jetboard Joust is an intense, old-school, arcade-style SHMUP in which you must master a vast array of ridiculous weaponry in order to defeat a race of evil aliens who are intent on abducting your babies and turning them into mutants. Jetboard Joust is the sequel to James Closs‘ 1989 Spectrum, C64 and Amstrad title ‚Skateboard Joust‘, making it arguably the world record holder for the longest time between a videogame and its sequel. The game will hit Steam and Nintendo Switch during 2020.

Retrolike PC-Game: Iron Meat (WIP) (2019)

Iron Meat by Razz is a classic run-and-gun game with plenty of challenge and old-school NES charm. There are three levels of difficulty, just like in your favourite classics. Tons of guns, enemies galore, and bosses that will make you mad! Enjoy all of that and more across 8 levels chock-full of hard-boiled fun. Controls are simple and intuitive, and the graphics are classic NES pixel art goodness.

The game is still in development! Please give feedback!

Retrolike PC-Game: Mega Man Maker

Mega Man Maker – Jump, shoot, create! Mega Man Maker is a fan game all about creating your own Mega Man levels and sharing them with the world! Alternatively, play one of many levels created by other users, from full-length Robot Master stages to unique puzzle levels. There’s content for everyone to enjoy, all for the low price of nothing.

News hint by Tj Hooka!

Retrolike PC-Game: Wanna Survive (2019)

Wanna Survive is a zombie apocalypse turn-based tactics game. It features a highly streamlined combat system that removes the tedious elements of turn-based combat for engaging fights against large groups of mob-like enemies that focuses on unit placement and synergies.

The game features a diverse cast of character as you make your way towards North City. Help the survivors avoid permanent death through your decisions in combat and ration management, and they just might be able to reach the fabled Sanctuary.

The game features pixel graphics and costs around 10 EUR.

Retrolike PC-Game: Driven Out (Demo)

Driven Out ist ein 2D Hack’n’Slay-Side-Scroller mit Grafik im 16-Bit Stil. Eine Landarbeiterin wurde aus ihrem Zuhause vertrieben und ist genötigt gegen gefährliche Monster zu kämpfen. Die Veröffentlichung ist noch dieses Jahr geplant.