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Vectrex games now back in (limited) Stock

After a long wait of about two years Revival Studios finally got a few boards in from sweden, which means that they temporarely now have a limited stock for their current releases (approx. 10-15 debris revisited and about 5 each of the other games). So if you were waiting for old games to get back in stock, please act now before they run out again!

These are the titles available:

– Colorclash Slim (2006)
– Vhockey (2006)
– Vectoblox (2007)
– Shifted (2008)
– Debris Revisited (2010)
– and probably one copy of Performance VX somewhere as well.

Price is 35 euros per game, this includes worldwide shipping. Please contact with the games you are interested in and they will let you know if they still are in stock.

Videopac/Odyssey2 Spiel: Mage 2: The Dark Mirror (2013)

Revival Studios haben es schon wieder getan! Mage 2: The Dark Mirror ist ein nagelneues Spiel für Videopac/Odyssey2 Systeme. Das professionell produzierte Spiel kostet 39,00 EUR.

Neues Videopac/Odyssey2 Spiel: Air Assault

Erneut Revival Studios in unseren Retro-Nachrichten: Dieses mal mit dem auf 100 Stück limitiertem Spiel Air Assault für Videopac/Odyssey2. Kostenfaktor: 39,00 EUR (exklusive Versand).

Als Stealth-Bomber-Pilot müssen Häuser weggebombt werden, allerdings sinkt mit jedem Rundflug die Flughöhe und die Wolkenkratzer kommen gefährlich näher…

Air Assault (Odyssey2)

Neues Commodore PET Spiel: Down

Revival Studios präsentieren mit Down ein brandneues Spiel für den Commodore PET. Down ist ein sehr simples Casual-Spiel – Es gilt den Spieler permanent nach unten laufen zu lassen, während sich der Bildschirm nach oben bewegt.

Das physische kommerzielle Produkt kostet 7,99 EUR. Billiger wird es als Download mit 3,99 EUR.

Down (Commodore PET)

Neues SEGA SG-1000 Spiel: Astrododge

Bereits am ersten Dezember diesen Jahres haben Revival Studios Ihr brandneues Spiel Astrododge für den Sega SG-1000 veröffentlicht und brechen somit die fast 30-jährige kommerzielle Stille auf diesem System.

Wie es der Name vermuten lässt, handelt es sich um ein „Ich weiche einem Objekt Spiel aus“. Da wir jedoch durch und durch mit englischen Wörtern durchzogen sind, könnte man es auch ein Dodge-Spiel nennen. Wirklich spektakulär ist an Astrododge nichts. Asteroiden können alleine oder in trauter Zweisamkeit gemieden werden, dazu gibt es hier und dort noch ein Power-Up.

Kostenpunkt sind 49,00 EUR exklusive Versandkosten!

Revival Updates: new games, new competition, new updates

The guys from Revival are busy again and deliver a lot of cool stuff to you, so listen what they have to say:

ZX81 – two new game releases for the Sinclair ZX-81: It took a little while to get everything ready for release, but I can finally announce the release of two new games for the Sinclair ZX81: Avalanche and Mayhem. The games are available on cassette tape and as digital download. For more information about the games, visit the ZX-81 section of the revival studios website.

2012 Game Catalogue: A profesionally printed 2012 game catalogue is now freely available with every order. It contains an overview of the games for vectrex, videopac/o2 , colecovision / msx / sega sg-1000 and zx81 , as well as a few upcoming projects.

Videopac/O2 – Revival Studios 2012 rewards competition: Looking for a challenge? Missed out on the Collectors Edition of Mage? Would you like a free game? Then join the Revival Studios 2012 Rewards Competition with more than 120 euros worth of prizes! The Rules: Each of my videopac games has a number of rewards (or achievements/trophies if you will) that can be unlocked by performing certain tasks in the game. Once you met the criteria for a specific reward, you can upload you highscore code (even if you didn’t get a highscore) these rewards will synchronise when using the same nickname. The person with the most unlocked rewards on january 1st, 2013 will be the winner.

Scoring: Rewards can be found in the following six games: AstroDodge (2011), Mayhem (2011), Colorclash (2012), Mage: The Enchanted Crystals (2012) and the soon to be released Cavity (Q3-2012) and Stairrunner (Q4-2012). These games consist of bronze, silver and gold rewards. You can view all the rewards and their descriptions for each videopac/o2 game here.

The following points are given to each reward:

– bronze: 1 point
– silver: 2 points
– gold: 6 points

On average, each game will contain 1 or 2 bronze, 1 silver and 1 gold reward. This means that even if you don’t own all games, you could still win if you get a few of the more difficult 6-point gold rewards (like for example getting 1000 points in big-ship mode).

In an event of a tie, the fastest time/highest score in Mage will be decisive.

There are 2 prizes to be given away:

First Prize: A Collectors Edition of Mage: The Enchanted Crystals
Runner-up: A free copy of my Q1-2013 game

Closing date:
January 1st, 2013

A tip to get you started: To unlock the easter eggs in Astrododge and Mayhem: You have to hold a specific key during the splashscreen until the titlescreen pops up.


Videopac/O2 – Mage: The Enchanted Crystals a great success! The release of my Videopac and odyssey2 game Mage: The Enchanted Crystals has been a great success! People really seem to like the game and it has been called the best looking videopac/odyssey2 game out there by many people! Thank you all for such a positive reception!
For more information about the game, visit the game’s website here.

You can still order your copy, by replying/emailing to:

Videopac/O2 – Mayhem reviews universally positive! Highly addictive game for the family! With reviews for mayhem coming in from time to time, i would like to share a few quotes from a review for a french retro-magazine, where mayhem got a 90% score:

„The gameplay is perfect with and the animation is fluid.“

„In a time where young kids have their Wii and Mario Kart 3DS, there has been a period where they been only be playing Mayhem at home! My Boy and girl even fight for it! The joy of entering your name on the internet only adds to this excitement!“

For more information about the game, visit the game’s website. You can order your copy, by replying/emailing to:

Sega SG-1000 / MSX / Colecovision update: Now that the ZX81 games are finished, it is time for me to put in the final stretch and finish my games for the Sega SG-1000, MSX and Colecovision. Productionwise it is nearing completition and the final hardware and materials to make it all happen is on its way as we speak. It looks like the SG-1000 and MSX version will be out first, with Colecovision following later this year.

Vectrex update: Remember last time I talked about the pcb shortage? Well…. Still the case. However I made some arrangement with the supplier to give me a final deadline (and possible a new batch of pcbs) next week. I will have more news for you next update. In the meanwhile, there have been a few game concepts I’ve been trying out, so once I will have green light on the pcbs I will inform you about them! In the meanwhile, if you are still looking to purchase one of my existing game, now is the time!“

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Mayhem für Odyssey2 / Videopac / Philips G7000

Winterzeit ist Shopping Zeit! Für alle konsumfreudigen Videospieler die noch einen Odyssey2 / Videopac / Philips G7000 Ihr Eigen nennen können, gibt es mit Mayhem ein neues kommerzielles Spiel von den Revival Studios. Helft Wizzy Münzen einzusammeln, aber vermeidet Kontakt mit den herum fliegenden Holzstücken. Um dem Spiel die eigentliche Würze zu verleihen, kommt alle 10 Sekunden ein Holzklotz dazu!

Limitiert ist das Spiel auf 100 Exemplare. Eine Download-Version als ROM gibt es nicht, man ist bei Interesse somit gezwungen die 39 Euro (zzgl. 5 Euro Versandkosten) auszugeben.

„Debris Revisited“ für Vectrex

Martijn von den Revival Studios hat für Dezember 2010 eine erweiterte und verbesserte Version des Space-Shooters „Debris“ für GCE’s Vectrex angekündigt.

Debris Revisited“ ist nun unter anderem mit den folgenden Verbesserungen ausgestattet: Mehr Levels, verbesserte Spielbarkeit, stärkere Gegner, Online-Highscore sowie Inhalt der erst freigespielt werden muss. Der Verkaufspreis ist noch nicht festgelegt.