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A MAZE. United – official satellite exhibition of transmediale 11

With Born Digital, Bleepstreet, Ciant Prague, Ludic Interfaces, Prokop Bartonicek, Spaces of Play @, Torstraße 68, Berlin

Vernissage: February, 2 – 18:00
Finissage: February, 5 – 18:00

Opening times:

Exhibition 18:00 – 22:00
Bar 18:00 – 02:00

By combining courage for experimentation and joy in gaming, A MAZE. celebrates the convergence of computer games and art. A MAZE. plans to unite people via interaction, light and movement. The four day event A MAZE. United at systM gallery shows an intimate selection of works, which are part of the future playground. In cooperation with Born Digital, an electronic art collective from Utrecht, CIANT the International Centre for Art and New Technologies in Prague, and Ludic Interfaces, a future European Masters programme, it will bring you closer to the magic of video mapping, audio visualisation and playful interaction between knowledge and passion. systM gallery, a well-know venue with a regular changing and interdisciplinary arts programme, will host the event. Via CIANT, A MAZE. United is organized within X-OP project co-financed by the EU.

A MAZE. – Videospielkunst in Berlin

Vom 29. Januar bis zum 6. Februar findet in Berlin erneut das A MAZE.-Festival statt. Die hier bereits mehrfach erwähnte Veranstaltungsreihe läuft dieses Mal zeitgleich mit der transmediale.10. Zentrales Thema von A MAZE. sind Videospiele und die künstlerische Auseinandersetzung mit diesen. Ausstellungen zu 8-Bit-Retro- und Videospielkunst werden begleitet von Diskussionsrunden, Workshops und Chiptunes-Konzerten.

A MAZE Festival
A MAZE Festival