Schlagwort-Archive: Windward_Birds

Retrolike PC-Game: The Disguiser Of Fate (2019)

The Disguiser Of Fate by Windward_Birds and XNZONE is a classic JRPG game.

Drifting in an endless dead world for an unknown duration and an unknown mileage, a nameless knight in black armor sets foot on an island where time stops. Here, he finds a reputedly fate-changing mask. After putting on the mask, he is teleported to somewhere strange. It is a noisy city full of flowers and grass. All of this is like a dream for him plagued by vague memories. Here, he meets a slave maid named Air. Together, they embark on an unknown journey. During the journey, the nameless knight gradually recalls his past world and the reason why he comes here.

This is a world at the brink of destruction, but he comes from a destroyed world. Bearing the burden of changing the fate of this world and facing everything before him, especially the eminent destruction, what can he do, and what price will he pay?

The game currently costs 2,39€ via Steam.

Retrolike PC-Game: The Adventure of Magical Girl (Steam) (2018)

The Adventure of Magical Girl by Windward_Birds is an 8-bit-like 2D role playing game, in which three young magician students end up defending mankind against monsters and demons. It features anime-drawn characters, huge world maps and turn-based combats. It’s a Steam Windows only game for now and costs 2,39€.