Veranstaltung: 8 Pauli 12, 27.05.2017, Hamburg, Deutschland

Get ready for 8 Pauli 12. The biggest 8-Bit event of Hamburg goes heavy metal and punk. Whether the songs are about zombienerds, Pokemon, yuppies or café latte, it will be loud, funny and with a lot of distortion and Gameboy-bleeps. Can you still dance to it? You can, if you consider „pogo“ a dance. Entrance: 5 Euro.

Heavy Metal/Gameboy/Bremen
Krachwalze is like the seagulls at the beach: brutal, loud and when you look the other way, they will steal your fries. These self-proclaimed pioneers of Gameboydeathmetalpunk in the german Language come to St. Pauli to crush the stage. With their e-guitar, many Gameboys and their unique, cynical lyrics they will give a show that will even make Pikachu do some serious headbanging.

Kid Knorke
With lofi-computersounds, synthesizers and samples, Kid Knorke tinkers his electropunkisch songs together. And he even sings to it. His songs are about zombienerds, water cannons and love for the numbers zero and one. Since 2014 he fiddles around with his songs and works on his blinking and squeaking electronic devices. This way he produces electronic pieces that rely heavily on 8-Bit/chiptune-sounds. Somewhere in between sesame street and pulp fiction, somewhat in between the tetris-soundtrack and electropunk.

2mbst1 (DJ-set)
This Chiptune newcomer from Hamburg has made his debute at the last 8 Pauli. Especially for this Heavy Metal/Punk 8 Pauli he will play a DJ-set with louder Chiptunes.

Video: Is SEGA Planning Something HUGE in 2017?

Sega recently has rebranded corporately to Awesome Sega, and SegaForever has popped up on Twitter and Reddit with Sega credentials. Sega has also said they are revisiting old IP’s recently. So is Sega planning something huge in 2017? Let’s discuss!

Video: Sega Master System Vs. Arcade – Part 5

In this fifth episode of Sega Master System Vs. Arcade Laird’s Lair looks at many coin-op conversions for the Sega Master System.

Games Listing:

00:14 Alien Storm (Sega)
01:31 Bank Panic (Bally/Midway)
02:45 Choplifter (Sega)
03:58 ESWAT (Sega)
05:08 Fantasy Zone (Sega)
06:15 Ghouls ‚N Ghosts (Capcom)
07:20 Mortal Kombat II (Midway)
08:34 S.D.I. (Sega)
09:42 Super Off-Road (Leland Corp.)
10:51 Teddy Boy (Sega)

Veranstaltung: Bordeaux Geek Festival 2017, 25.-29.05.2017, Bordeaux, Frankreich

Irgendjemand ein Geek? :) Die nächsten vier Tage gibts in Bordeaux das Bordeaux Geek Festival 2017.

Dreamcast Spiel: Breakers (2017)

Breakers für Dreamcast kann derzeit bei Play-Asia (Exclusive!) für 39.99 USD vorbestellt werden. Wer auf Beat’em Ups steht, sollte sich diesen Titel auf alle Fälle sichern.

Video: Retro Response – To Retro Heads: Gamer or Collector?

If you’re honest with yourself, are you more a gamer or a collector? The Retro Heads, formerly Team Chav ask this very question. Novabug replies in buggish style.

Video: Commodore Amiga Vs. Arcade – Part 8

In this eight episode of Commodore Amiga Vs. Arcade Laird’s Lair looks at ten more classic coin-op conversions for the 16-bit powerhouse.

Games Listing:

00:14 Block Out (Technos)
01:22 Bomb Jack (Tecmo)
02:37 Dynasty Wars (Capcom)
03:47 Empire Strikes Back (Atari)
04:53 Mercs (Capcom)
06:07 Qix (Taito)
07:16 Road Blasters (Atari)
08:23 R-Type II (Irem)
09:37 Wonder Boy in Monster Land (Sega)
10:50 Xybots (Atari)

How to restaurier an Amiga 3000

Zum Abschluß nochmal ein größeres Projekt – happy inspiration! ;-)

How to restaurier a 1541-II