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Wer war schneller?

Schnell! Nicht groß recherchieren, sondern nur kurz nachdenken:

What early 1980s computer was faster, the IBM PC or the Commodore 64? The IBM PC ran an 8088 at nearly 5MHz, whereas the C64 ran a 6502 variant at 1MHz. The PC cost thousands of dollars, the C64 hundreds. The PC had a 1 megabyte address space; the C64 only 64K.

Und? Richtig!

The C64 was faster. The original IBM PC, despite appearances and bias on the part of both consumers and marketing, was actually the slowest popular personal computer on the market at the time of its release, even compared to the Apple II and Atari 400.

Und hier gibts die Begründung …

(Thanks to the Oldskooler for the nice article!)