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Update: WinUAE v3.4.0 Beta 18

Toni Wilen ist weiter fleißig! WinUAE v3.4.0 Beta 18 ist da.

Informationen zur Beta 18:

– Input device on the fly change support now ignores all non-input device change events.
– On the fly switching from keyboard connected to disconnected did nothing.
– Added MIDI out and Genlock video volume setting to Sound panel volume drop down menu.

Amiga OCS Demo: Vector Eye-Candy (2016)

Vector Eye-Candy ist eine Amiga OCS Demo der Demogruppe Insane. Veröffentlicht auf der Demoparty Compusphere 2016.

Update: WinUAE v3.4.0 Beta 17

Toni Wilen ist weiter fleißig! WinUAE v3.4.0 Beta 17 ist da.

Informationen zur Beta 17:

– Allow non-power of 2 manually configurable memory size, in 64k blocks. (Unsupported with JIT)
– If possible bitplane overrun situation is active, skip BPLCON0 non-delayed modification optimization. (Massive / Skarla)
– Do not steal focus from tree view GUI panel when moving selection up or down using keyboard.
– Switching from 32-bit to 24-bit address space CPU with Z3 UAEGFX: Mode was changed to Z2 without validating old size.
– Some Z2 fast mem only configs crashed at startup.
– American Laser Games arcade hardware emulation. ROMs added to ROM scanner, LD drive is also emulated. LaserDisc emulation uses recently added genlock video emulation to play the video. (Games will run without video but it also makes them completely unplayble..). NVRAM load/save support. ALG input events added to Input panel. (Pointless genlock video was useful after all!)
– Genlock video file sound track is also supported but it is only played in ALG LD emulator mode.
– Genlock image/video is now always scaled to screen, previous limited integer only scaling is gone.
– Added genlock keep aspect option.
– Picasso IV and x86 VGA ROM file was cleared when loaded. (b12)
– Updated to Visual Studio 2017 RC

American Laser Games configuration:
– Standard A500, KS 1.3, ECS Agnus. Extended ROM = game ROM selection.
– Genlock ALG mode, with video path pointing to LaserDisc video file.
– Input config: Lightpen (do not configure mouse in Amiga mouse port), ALG Right Trigger = fire. Service = service menu. Right Start and Right Coin needed to start the game and use service menu. Mad Dog McCree also needs Right Holster (reload). Player 2 is not fully supported.

Musik am Abend: Bjoppen & Vedder – Spherucoopuru [CS 2016 Edition]

Direkt von der Compusphere 2016 präsentieren Bjoppen & Vedder ihren brandneuen Amiga-Tune Spherucoopuru.

Amiga AGA Demo: Robot Gang (2016)

Nach 20 Jahren Inaktivität ist der Programmierer Skynet mit dem Demo Robot Gang zurück. Eine durchaus gelungene Amiga AGA Demo und dem Scrolltext zu entnehmen… nicht die letzte Produktion! Veröffentlicht auf der Demoparty Capacitor Party 2016.

Video: Superfrog – The Movie

Kurzfilme gehören zum Kulturgut wie Computerspiele… warum nicht beides vereinen?