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AMIGArama Episode 6: Dungeon Master

AMIGArama Episode 6: Take a trip into the dark dungeon crawl that is… Dungeon Master!

AMIGArama Episode 5: Rome AD92

AMIGArama Episode 5: A classical adventure in the time of Julius Caesar but can you truly become the Emperor and conquer all of Rome? Lorfarius is going to find out this week… & Shadow of the Beast CPC

AMIGArama Episode 4: The Secret of Monkey Island

AMIGArama Episode 4: Set sail on the seven seas with a touch of a rubber chicken (with a pulley in the middle!) in one of Lucasfilm’s finest.

AMIGArama Episode 3: DreamWeb

AMIGArama Episode 3: AMIGArama takes a walk on the darker side of life in this serial laden, futurisitc Blade Runner-esque game.

AMIGArama Episode 2: Jetstrike

AMIGArama Episode 2: Sit back as Lorfarius takes us all on a trip into the DangerZone with this weeks look at the Amiga classic Jetstrike.

AMIGArama Episode 1: An introduction

The first episiode of a weekly podcast about the classic line of Commodore Amiga computers. Covering games, utilities and all sorts of extras. Join Lorfarius on his journey to cover every game… can he achieve this lofty goal? Let’s have fun and find out!