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Video: Tengen: Atari Games vs. Nintendo | Gaming Historian

The Story of Tetris | Gaming Historian: In the late 80’s, Tengen (a subsidiary of Atari Games) decided to challenge Nintendo over their strict policies on 3rd party licensing. How? By suing them and releasing unlicensed video games. Learn the history behind it all.

Video: The Super Mario Bros. Movie | Gaming Historian

The Super Mario Bros. MovieGaming Historian gives a history of the Super Mario Bros. Movie. It cost 48 million dollars to make, but only grossed 21 million. By most accounts, it was a disaster, from start to finish. Learn all about the making of the very first big budget video game movie.

Video: The Story of Super Mario Bros. 2

The Story of Super Mario Bros. 2Gaming Historian: Learn the complete history behind Super Mario Bros. 2 and its Japanese counterpart, Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic.

Video: The Story of Tetris | Gaming Historian

The Story of Tetris | Gaming Historian: In 1984, during the Cold War, a Russian programmer named Alexey Pajitnov created something special: A puzzle game called Tetris. It soon gained a cult following within the Soviet Union. A battle for the rights to publish Tetris erupted when the game crossed the Iron Curtain. Tetris not only took the video game industry by storm, it helped break the boundaries between the United States and the Soviet Union.