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Video: Nostalgia Time Amiga – Gauntlet 2 and 3

This week’s ‚Nostalgia Time‘ is from footage taken in the summer, forgotten and now found. My cousin and MsMadLemon played Gauntlet II and III two player, on the commodore Amiga 1200 using WHDLoad. This gameplay of Gauntlet was inspired by Puffy’s Saga which I played on Nostalgia Time also.

Video: Nostalgia Time Halloween Special with four C64 & Amiga games

Today is a Halloween Special Nostalgia Time with three Amiga games a c64 game. All have a spooky setting and mood to them. I play ‚Ghosts N Goblins‘ on both the C64 and Amiga, Pinball Dreams (Nightmare Table) Crazy Sue goes on and Ghouls N Ghosts.