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C64 Spiel: Base Scout (2018)

Base Scout von onlineprof2010 ist ein Commodore 64 BASIC V2 Spiel und wurde beim BASIC 10Liners 2018 Online-Wettbewerb eingereicht.


After evacuating Crait, the rebel alliance needs a new base! Search through the million or so star systems to find the most secure underground base. The deeper you can make it underground the better. Resources are scarce for the rebels so try to save as much as fuel as possible. Also hurry as the rebels need a new base. Environment is procedurally generated so a cave will appear the same every time you visit it. Searching for the right planetary system might be essential to the rebel alliance. Each planet will have a different gravity. When running the game, enter the numerical designation for the unknown planetary system to visit. Use the joystick in port 2. Button will thrust up. You can also thrust left or right. Make it to the right side of the cave to explore deeper.