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Video: Atari Lynx Vs. Arcade – Part 1

In this new series of Versus Arcade Laird’s Lair compares games from the advanced 16-bit Atari Lynx handheld against their coin-op counterparts.

Games Listing:

00:14 All Points Bulletin (Atari)
01:28 Cyberball (Atari)
02:36 Gauntlet (Atari)
03:44 Klax (Atari)
04:55 Missile Command (Atari)
06:04 Ninja Gaiden (Tecmo)
07:19 Police Force (Williams)
08:35 Steel Talons (Atari)
09:43 TRON (Bally Midway)
10:46 Xenophobe (Bally Midway)

Video: Atari 7800 ProSystem Vs. Arcade – Part 1

In this new series of Versus The Arcade Laird’s Lair look at the coin-op conversions of the classic 8-bit Atari 7800 ProSystem console, a system famed for its ports.

Video: Sega Master System Vs. Arcade – Part 1

In this new series of Vs. Arcade Laird’s Lair starts looking at the many coin-op conversions for the Sega Master System.

Games Listing:

00:14 Action Fighter (Sega)
01:32 Bubble Bobble (Taito)
02:40 Chase H.Q. (Taito)
03:47 Double Dragon (Technos)
04:54 Mercs (Capcom)
06:07 Paperboy (Atari)
07:10 Quartet (Sega)
08:19 Quarth (Konami)
09:25 Strider (Capcom)
10:36 Wonder Boy (Sega)

Video: Commodore Amiga Vs. Arcade – Part 1

In this series Laird’s Lair compares Commodore Amiga arcade conversions with their coin-op counterparts to see how well they hold up!

Games Listing:

00:14 1943 (Capcom)
01:29 Badlands (Atari)
02:41 Cisco Heat (Jaleco)
03:53 Dyna Blaster (Irem)
05:08 Golden Axe (Sega)
06:15 Pac-Man (Namco/Midway)
07:30 Renegade (Taito)
08:42 Snow Bros. (Toaplan/Romstar)
09:50 Space Harrier (Sega)
11:00 Time Soldiers (Romstar/SNK)

Video: Atari 2600 VCS Vs. Arcade – Part 1

In this new series Laird’s Lair looks at how the humble coin-op conversions on the humble Atari 2600 hold up when compared to their mighty arcade counterparts!

Video: 25 Games Intros – Game Boy Color – Part 1

In this episode of 25 Game Intros Laird’s Lair look at a selection of classic sequences from Nintendo Game Boy Color games.

Video: MSX Vs. Arcade – Part 1

A new addition to the popular series has been born! Now the MSX gets to take on the arcade too! The first episode looks at Nemesis, Wonder Boy, Dragon Ninja and more!


00:14 180 – World Darts (Arcadia)
01:22 Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja (Data East)
02:35 Frogger (Konami/Sega)
03:47 Locomotion (Konami/Zaccaria)
04:55 Mappy (Namco/Midway)
06:06 Nemesis (Konami)
07:13 Rally-X (Namco/Midway)
08:18 Tank Battalion (Namco/Game Plan)
09:28 Tetris (Atari)
10:36 Wonder Boy (Sega)

Video: Commodore 64 Vs. Arcade – Part 1

In this video series Laird’s Lair compares ten coin-op conversions from the best selling Commodore 64 computer with their original arcade counterparts.

Games featured in this episode:

00:14 1942 (Capcom)
01:29 Altered Beast (Sega)
02:42 Arkanoid (Taito)
03:59 Chase H.Q. (Taito)
05:04 Dragon Breed (Irem)
06:09 Ghosts ’n Goblins (Capcom)
07:19 Jail Break (Konami)
08:28 Mario Bros. (Nintendo)
09:35 Paperboy (Atari)
10:43 Solomon’s Key (Tecmo)

36 Years of Videogames – Road to 2014 Part 1 [1979-1989]

Tomatenmann und Angelostar 88 präsentieren eine Übersicht aus 36 Jahren Videospielen.