Schlagwort-Archive: Part 5

Video: Commodore Amiga Vs. Arcade – Part 5

In this fifth episode of Commodore Amiga Vs. Arcade Laird’s Lair looks at ten more classic coin-op conversions for the 16-bit powerhouse.

Games Listing:

00:14 Altered Beast (Sega)
01:31 Buggy Boy (Tatsumi)
02:44 Final Blow (Taito)
03:55 L.E.D. Storm (Capcom)
05:10 Mr. Do! (Universal)
06:22 Pit-Fighter (Atari)
07:39 Rampage (Bally/Midway)
08:52 Sonic Boom (Sega)
10:01 Star Wars (Atari)
11:11 Volfied (Taito)

Video: MSX Vs. Arcade – Part 5

In this fifth episode of MSX Vs. Arcade Laird’s Lair compares 10 more classic coin-ops against their counterparts for the classic 8-bit computer.

Games Listing:

00:14 Flicky (Sega/Midway)
01:18 Front Line (Taito)
02:29 Galaxian (Namco/Midway)
03:35 Gun.Smoke (Capcom)
04:42 Lode Runner (Irem)
05:54 Mr. Do’s Castle (Universal)
07:02 Ping Pong (Konami)
08:09 Salamander (Konami)
09:17 Star Force (Tecmo)
10:25 Yie Ar Kung Fu (Konami)

Video: Commodore 64 Vs. Arcade – Part 5

In this fifth episode Laird’s Lair compares another 10 coin-op conversions from the best selling Commodore 64 computer with their original arcade counterparts.

Games featured in this episode:

00:14 Elevator Action (Taito)
01:28 Gauntlet II (Atari)
02:33 Hunchback (Century Electronics)
03:39 Jackal (Konami)
04:52 Lode Runner (Irem)
06:05 Marble Madness (Atari)
07:11 Space Harrier (Sega)
08:15 Special Criminal Investigation (Taito)
09:25 Super Sprint (Atari)
10:29 Wonder Boy in Monsterland (Sega)