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AMIGArama Episode 16: Indy Heat

AMIGArama Episode 16: The Amiga is raring to go in this Indy Heat racer but will it make it past the starting line or sputter on in last place?

AMIGArama Episode 15: Jungle Strike

AMIGArama Episode 15: It’s time to return to the Strike series as Kilbaba’s son returns for revenge. Time for Lorfarius to grab his Chopper and take on the evil terrorist hordes!

AMIGArama Episode 14: Pushover

AMIGArama Episode 14: Can Lorfarius help G.I. Ant save Colin Curly’s Quavers? It might just be the weirdest product tie in ever created.

AMIGArama Episode 13: Desert Strike

AMIGArama Episode 13: Mount those turrets and strap in for some chopper fun as Lorfarius returns to the Gulf to take on… Desert Strike.

AMIGArama Episode 12: Woody’s World

AMIGArama Episode 12: Simon the Sorcerer has nothing on Woody as he takes on a quest to save… the Magic Kingdom. Can Lorfarius survive in Woody’s World?

Retro Asylum #177

Retro Asylum catches up with Dean Swain, Paul Davies & Chris O’Regan as they answer another round of #askRA questions plus Dean & Paul play four Commodore 64 games picked at random in the debut of our new „Lucky Dip“ feature.

AMIGArama Episode 11: Batman the Movie

AMIGArama Episode 11: Ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? It’s time to suit up for the first (and best?) Batman movie.

The Retro Hour EP107 – The Ultimate Video Game Music Panel

The Retro Hour is your weekly dose of retro gaming and technology news, views and interviews from the UK.


David Wise, Rob Hubbard and Graeme Norgate join us at All Your Bass music festival for the ultimate video game music panel!

AMIGArama Episode 10: Flight of the Amazon Queen

AMIGArama Episode 10: Jump aboard a flight over the Amazon, no life raft in sight as Joe King takes the controls in Flight of the Amazon Queen.