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Podcast: The Retro Hour – Counter Strike and Le! Plus

The Retro Hour Podcast: We get the story behind the classic FPS Counter Strike with Minh “Gooseman” Le! Plus, a book all Commodore fans will want to read.

Podcast: The Retro Hour – Scott Adams – The Father of Adventure Games

The Retro Hour Podcast: We talk about the dawn of home computers and games with the legendary Scott Adams, founder of Adventure International.

Podcast: The Retro Hour – 80s and 90s Computers, Arcades and British Gaming

The Retro Hour Podcast: We chat British computer and arcade memories from the 80s and 90s with one of our favourite Youtubers, Nostalgia Nerd.

Podcast: The Retro Hour – Doom, Wolfenstein 3D and Quake

The Retro Hour Podcast: Doom, Wolfenstein 3D and Quake: the inside story of the biggest video games ever with John Romero! Plus, a report from Amiga Ireland, an amazing new Amiga show.

Podcast: The Retro Hour – Carmageddon & Lawnmower Man

The Retro Hour Podcast: This week, we’re joined by Fergus McNeill as we talk developing Carmageddon, making the Lawnmower Man game and working with Terry Pratchett!

Podcast: The Retro Hour – Team 17 The Inside Story

The Retro Hour Podcast gets the story on classics like Superfrog, Body Blows, Super Stardust, Worms and many more with Team 17’s Martyn Brown! Plus, our review of the long awaited Viva Amiga movie.

Podcast: The Retro Hour – Dreamcast Scene and Rare Consoles

The Retro Hour Podcast shows love to the Dreamcast this week!

Podcast: The Retro Hour – Core Design & Gremlin Graphics

The Retro Hour Podcast gets the story on Bubba N Stix, Rick Dangerous and many more from Simon Phipps of Core Design and Gremlin Graphics!

Podcast: The Retro Hour – Graftgold: The Inside Story

Get the inside story on Graftgold, developing Uridium, Rainbow Islands, Fire & Ice and much more with Steve Turner!