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Video: Commodore Amiga Users – A Trip Memory Lane [ 5/7 ]

Video: Commodore Amiga Users – A Trip Memory Lane [ 4/7 ]

Video: Commodore Amiga Users – A Trip Memory Lane [ 3/7 ]

Video: Amiga D520 HDMI Converter

Auf der Revision 2017 im E-Werk in Saarbrücken hat VisioRetron den Hardware Entwickler und Amiga Fan Thorsten Schubert gefunden, der einen HDMI Konverter für den Amiga Monitor Ausgang in Arbeit hat! Seinen Prototypen brachte er zur Begutachtung auf die Revision mit – und es wird schnell klar, dass das hier ein interessantes, spannendes Produkt für JEDEN AMIGA FAN zu werden verspricht!

Video: Commodore Amiga Users – A Trip Memory Lane [ 2/7 ]

Video: Sinclair ZX Spectrum Story – Birth of a Classic

The ZX Spectrum is 35 years old on 23rd April 2017, and it also holds a very special place in Nostalgia Nerd’s heart, so it’s time to wish it a happy birthday… It’s the machine he grew up.

This first part explores Clive Sinclair’s early years, from his childhood to the formation of Sinclair Radionics in 1961, through the mini amplifier period, pocket calculator, black watch and finally his range of computers, starting with the MK14 and culminating in the ZX Spectrum 128k. Nostalgia Nerd will look at the people involved behind the Spectrum such as Jim Westwood and Chris Curry and explore other avenues such as the famous punch up between Clive and Chris in a Cambridge pub. So hold on tight, and let’s get cracking with Jet Set F**king Willy.

Video: Commodore Amiga Users – A Trip Memory Lane [ 1/7 ]

Video: Commodore Amiga Vs. Arcade – Part 5

In this fifth episode of Commodore Amiga Vs. Arcade Laird’s Lair looks at ten more classic coin-op conversions for the 16-bit powerhouse.

Games Listing:

00:14 Altered Beast (Sega)
01:31 Buggy Boy (Tatsumi)
02:44 Final Blow (Taito)
03:55 L.E.D. Storm (Capcom)
05:10 Mr. Do! (Universal)
06:22 Pit-Fighter (Atari)
07:39 Rampage (Bally/Midway)
08:52 Sonic Boom (Sega)
10:01 Star Wars (Atari)
11:11 Volfied (Taito)

Video: 6 Things Kirby Should NEVER Inhale

Kirby inhales 6 things that only the bravest of souls would dare to inhale. What’s he gonna transform into? Watch to find out :D