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AMIGArama Episode 33: Rick Dangerous

AMIGArama Episode 33: Lorfarius joins Rick to find the lost Ark.. no, wait wrong film… yes it’s as close as a series can legally get to being an unofficial Indiana Jones game.

AMIGArama Episode 34: Lotus Turbo Challenge 2

AMIGArama Episode 34: Gear up for an Amiga high speed challenge as Lorfarius clambers into his Espirit to tackle this classic racer.

AMIGArama Episode 32: Super Skidmarks

AMIGArama Episode 32: Man the… cows(?!) and get set for some pseudo-3D racing as the Amiga shows off just what it can do…

AMIGArama Episode 31: The Lost Vikings

AMIGArama Episode 31: Erik, Baleog, Olaf and Lorfarius are all kidnapped by aliens but can they get back to Earth, escaping Tomator and his inter-galactic zoo? Listen on to find out in this latest AMIGArama outing.

AMIGArama Episode 30: The Chaos Engine

AMIGArama Episode 30: Lorfarius sits down with the Bitmap Brothers Amiga hit. Known as a true classic today but does it still truly stand up after all these years?

AMIGArama Episode 29: Bill’s Tomato Game

AMIGArama Episode 29: Can AMIGArama help Terry Tomato save Tracy in this splat-tastic tomato puzzle adventure? This could just be one of the weirdest games we’ve covered so far!

AMIGArama Episode 28: Frontier Elite II

AMIGArama Episode 28: A universe on a Floppy disk… but is it as expansive as the marketing suggests? Lorfarius pilots his way to Elite status to try and find out!

AMIGArama Episode 27: Fury of the Furries

AMIGArama Episode 27: Lorfarius teams up with a group of Tinies to take on the Wicked One. But can he stand up to the Fury of the Furries?

AMIGArama Episode 26: Space Crusade

AMIGArama Episode 26: In space… no one can hear you scream, but in the 41st millennium Lorfarius and a group of Marines will take up the challenge in the Amiga’s version of Games Workshops Space Crusade board game.