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Retro Snippets #141: Game Boy Advance Display Mod

Nicht nur am Commodore 64 konnten findige Bastler ihr Unwesen treiben. In Retro Snippets #141: Game Boy Advance Display Mod zeigt uns Scorp.ius wie man einem regulären Game Boy Advance eine Hintergrundbeleuchtung verpasste.

Jet Set Willy meets The Beatles!

Willy Meets the Beatles by Simon D Lee on the ZX Spectrum 128K!



Good Morning. Good Morning. Jet Set Willy Here,

Do You Want to Know a Secret? I am just a humble Paperback Writer. Yesterday, I was on a Day Tripper with Elanor Rigby, and it had been a Hard Day’s Night. While strolling along Abbey Road for a Day in the Life I noticed that a large ZX Spectrum was stuck to the side of the studio. Peeping From a Window I spotted  the „clean up this place now!“ eyes of my rather irate housekeeper. Girl! Her name was Lady Madonna, or was it Lucy? No, it was Maria!

Hello, Goodbye! I am again in a nightmare where giant skulls were trying to crush my top hat and entrails and I still cannot get past the blooming Banyan Tree? Your Mother Should Know. I feel like a Nowhere Man. I have to Pick Up Every Little Thing, Eight Days a Week!

Help! Don’t Let Me Down! We Can Work it Out!

I Should Have Known Better. Good Night!

Love JSW xx

Link via @freshbeep

Ein NES-System in einem NES-Steckmodul

Tüftler und Freaks gibt es wie Sand am Meer. Schon seit den Commodore-64-Zeiten und davor gab es findige Personen die allerlei Unfug mit ihrem System trieben.

„OkiPanoki“ packte kurzerhand ein Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in ein NES-Steckmodul und animiert sogar zum Nachmachen.